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Making BACK TO SCHOOL a success for your child

Every year, most children enjoy a long summer break that might make it difficult for them to get back into their school routine.  Or maybe, this is the first year for your child attending school.  No matter, what the situation may be for your family, we would like to provide some tips to help make the transition as successful as possible for you and your child.

‘Talking it up’

When we are excited and happy to see our child go to or return to school, our positive energy can influence how our children feel.  Finding topics about school that you know are of interest to your child are a great way to spark interesting conversations.  The more you can spark your child’s curiosity and excitement with these conversations, the more likely will they be to embrace their responsibility of going to school. 

Use books as a resource at bedtime

There are many books about the fun at school, the school day, and all the exciting experiences that await.   When it is time for your child to get ready for bed, it is a great time to share an inspiring book about school with them.  Books allow your child to use their imagination to elaborate on the story you are reading.  And you can be witness to where it takes them….

Adhere to a school routine

Being consistent in your school routine is important.  It starts with the time you and your child wake up, get dressed, have breakfast and get ready to leave the house.  Make sure to plan enough time to arrive at school on time for the start of the school day.  This also means that your children have a consistent bedtime to get enough sleep and wake up rested.  Talking about school on the weekend before it is time to get ready for the school routine is also an important aspect in getting your child ready, both mentally and physically.

Establish and practice a consistent good-bye routine

It is essential that you establish a routine with your child to say good-bye when you are ready to drop them off at school / at their classroom.  This may be a hug and kiss, a High Five or any other routine that is meaningful to you and your child.  Practice this good-bye routine consistently with them, so that they can rely on this routine each and every school day. 

Review the school day with your child

It is important that you arrive to pick up your child at consistent times, so that your child can look forward to your return.  When you see your child at pick-up, it is a great opportunity to establish the routine to let your child share moments of their school day with you.  Ask many open-ended questions to learn more about their school day experiences.  When your child tells you something they really enjoyed at school, use it as an opportunity to elaborate on the topic.  Your interest in their day is crucial for them to feel that it is worthwhile to share information.

Here is a beautiful Montessori quote to end this post!

“Education is a natural process carried out by the child, and it is not acquired by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

Wishing you and your child a successful school year 2019-2020!

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