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Transitions to a New Classroom or New School Environment

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As the end of the school year is coming to a close, we are filled with all kinds of different emotions, especially with the pending departure of our children and families leaving us for kindergarten.

Whether a child transitions from an infant room to a toddler classroom environment, or a toddler moves into preschool, or a preschooler starts the journey to kindergarten, these transitions can be challenging both for your child and you, the child’s parents.

As children develop physically, cognitively, emotionally, socially and intellectually, they are faced with different and new challenges to overcome in each of the environments they transition into.

Supporting your child in the transition is crucial to overcome these challenges, and working closely with your child’s teachers to ease your child into the new environment will help in a successful transition.

While transitions for infants and toddlers may have more flexibility to allow for a gradual transition, the move to kindergarten represents a sudden end to preschool and start of kindergarten. It is a major milestone and life-changing event for all children, whether they stay within a Montessori school environment or start the journey to a public or a private kindergarten.

Preparing your child for transitions will take a lot of patience, reading some great books in preparation, and lots of question and answer sessions with your child. The more information the child can be given regarding new expectations and unfamiliar routines, the better we set them up to be successful.

We, our teaching and admin team at SpringStone, have been so lucky to be a part of your child’s early childhood education journey, and we love witnessing the successes of each individual child and in having them reach their greatest potential.

For our children and families leaving us to start the journey into kindergarten, we sincerely wish you and your child well, and please don’t be strangers! We would love to see you back at SpringStone in the future and hear about all the exciting
new experiences your child is gaining.

Thank you for being our partners in your child’s early childhood education journey!

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