We help children accept responsibility for their behavior and attitudes. Accepting responsibility allows children freedom to choose the type of person they wish to become. We model and encourage appropriate, kind, and considerate ways to behave in various situations.

We provide an environment that promotes and protects the physical and emotional well being of our students and staff. Rather than focus on rules and the consequences, we model appropriate, kind, and considerate ways to behave. We use positive reinforcement, praise progress, acknowledge contributions, and strengthen character. We cue and remind students of appropriate behaviors. When behavior is inappropriate and a gentle reminder isn’t enough, we respectfully, but firmly, stop the behavior. We will never permit the use of corporal punishment.

We model ways to negotiate in conflict so everyone can win and feelings are respected. We encourage self-discipline and self-motivation as reasons for positive behavior rather than fear. We try to recognize the mistaken goals of the misbehavior in an attempt to find a solution to the troubling behavior.

Our greatest challenge is to be objective, compassionate, yet realistic in considering the needs of each child.