SpringStone is designed and constructed for this age of technology:

Exterior Entrance doors are locked for security with keypads for entry. Only parents and staff have a personal code to get in to the school. All others must ring a doorbell and show ID.

Interior Time Manager keypads are used inside the center for parents to clock their children in and out each day. The Time Manager keypads, along with the computer, allow automatic class lists, attendance, meal counts for food preparation and billing of tuition. Therefore, we can account for each child at all times.
Intercoms are used throughout the center for improved communication. Teachers are able to alert management of classroom situations needing assistance and other daily routines.
Fire alarm and burglar alarm systems are of the latest technology and monitored on an ongoing basis. Fire and burglar alarms are connected to a central monitoring station for safety and protection of the children, staff, and the childcare center.

Classrooms Each classroom is equipped with surveillance cameras with viewing monitors. Parents and management are able to view the activities in each classroom. In addition to the surveillance cameras, each classroom has viewing windows on one to four walls for the safety of the children. Parents feel a sense of comfort leaving their children, knowing they are in a safe environment.

Software Each SpringStone location utilizes state of the art software to communicate with parents. We understand that parents prefer to be updated online and through email, yet doing so can introduce privacy and security concerns.
SpringStone’s software allows staff to send updates and photos to parents any time through a secure and private system that is designed specifically for early learning centers.