We affirm that education begins at birth and continues through life.

Our emphasis is on our children becoming whole, balanced, and healthy individuals.

We believe intelligence is not fixed at birth, rather, intelligence is shaped by experiences as well as genetics.

We believe children have the natural ability to learn everything they need to lead full, happy, and productive lives.

We believe that wisdom is cultivated. Wisdom is the ability to know how to put your intelligence to work for you.

Human dignity, emotional well being, and communication with others is valued as highly as academic success.

We seek to understand each person’s uniqueness.

We encourage students to not be afraid of failure or taking risks.

Our children learn from all kinds of experiences, including successes and failures.

We guide our children individually, at their own pace, through a wide range of learning skills.

We celebrate natural diversity in learning styles, interests, and definition of what makes a happy, successful life.

We nurture self-esteem, the crucial ingredient for full expression of a person’s potential.

Our ultimate goal is to develop an innate love of learning, varied interests, and openness to new ideas.