SpringStone Montessori prepares students for life:

Our goal is to cultivate a passion for excellence and a lifelong love of learning.
We balance academic excellence with personal and practical life skills, and decision making. We create an environment within the classroom that encourages children’s curiosity and innate desire to learn. Each classroom has materials that can be explored individually, with other students, or in small group instruction; all fostering quality learning experiences.

Develop values: respect for self/others, honesty, integrity, responsibility, empathy, compassion, kindness.
We model kindness, honesty, respect for uniqueness, tolerance, cooperation, good sportsmanship, and nonviolence. We respect human needs, rights, and dignity, no matter how young the individual. We deliberately teach and encourage anti-bias at every age level in an age-appropriate way.

Develop a love of community and international understanding.
Our goal is for students to be open-minded and compassionate, to understand the diversity of the human spirit. We seek to gather together a truly diverse multi-cultural and international community of students, faculty, and staff. We teach a global perspective as a philosophy for building a diverse community, and accepting all people.

Develop a lifelong commitment to give something back through service to others.
We encourage children to participate in day-to-day classroom management, and care of the environment. We seek to help each child to feel a commitment both to the local and the global community.