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“It was our first time enrolling our son in preschool so we were nervous at first but the teachers and the rest of the staff at SpringStone are so incredible that they soon made us feel comfortable. Our son is excited every morning about going to school. He’s becoming more social and educated each day. We are very thankful to have discovered SpringStone and its incredible staff. We highly recommend this school.”

Christina and Michael Eritson

“This our 3rd daughter’s first pre-school experience. The atmosphere and learning environment is optimal for all young children. All of the students receive individual attention. The children’s needs are addressed and the staff take special interest in Caylyn and the other students. I can be at ease when she is at school knowing she is cared for, safe, and in a place that facilitates her future success. Surprisingly, of all things, she loves the food. My children tend to be very picky eaters, but everyday when I drop her off, she insists that I read her menu. She gets excited, especially for tomato soup.”

Shane Jasmine Young

“My child has learned so much from the pre-school program. The minute he started at SpringStone, which was at 18 months, we saw changes in his independence and confidence. He loves his pre-school teachers and talks about them to this day, specifically Ms. Dorene and Ms. Norma.”

Wenda Cordero

“I believe our family needed to experience other facilities first in order to truly experience and appreciate SpringStone. We feel extremely blessed to have found such a wonderful group of teachers and staff. My son loves his teachers, he tells me every morning “Mommy, I go to school today.” Even on Saturday and Sundays! If my son wants to go to school 7 days a week SpringStone must be doing something right. My son has never requested to go to school prior to finding SpringStone. SpringStone is amazing, period! Thank you everyone, we are so glad we found you!”

Randi Lee and David Beyl

“Our son has been in SpringStone since he was 18 months old. Respect for space, people, feelings and objects has been our favorite. At age two, we went home to visit family for the holidays. He asked to up from the table, asked to touch objects that did not belong to him. He knows that there is a place everything and everything has it’s place. As he has gotten older, the education has been impressive. I have come to pick him up and the teacher said “ He’s working on a math problem, can you wait ten minutes?” Priceless.

You hear that the first five years are the most important, at 3 years old he’s starting to read, doing addition, and asking “why” or “explain, please”. Now, as we prepare for him to leave SpringStone, our most important task is to move him to a school that continues to challenge him and push him towards being successful not only as a person, but also academically.”

Kerry and Amanda Gulino

“SpringStone always has great activities that continue to inspire children and their parents. My son loves having his great teachers that are nurturing and fun and at the same time encourage growth. He loves his friends and all the fun learning activities. SpringStone is also a safe place for my child. I know that when I drop him off he’s going to have a great day and there is no worry on my part. My son is allergic to dairy and Mr. Darryl and the kitchen staff are so great cater to his needs. I truly appreciate this!”

Marisa Finetti


“The thing I love the most about Springstone is that the teachers and staff truly care about and love my children. I could think of no better place to give my kids a head start in life.”

The Smith Family


“As an educator and parent, I can tell you, my husband and I are so very pleased with SpringStone Montessori’s methods of teaching. We are truly delighted with how our children are embraced, nurtured, and supported by the staff and teachers. Our children are excited to go to school and learn new things each day. The combination of the Montessori teaching methods and philosophy along with a great staff has allowed my children to excel both academically and personally.”

The Ortiz Family


“On our first visit to SpringStone, our children felt so welcomed and comfortable, they wanted to start attending that very day! We love the environment at SpringStone and are so pleased with the balance of Montessori practices accompanied by desirable activities like music, yoga, Spanish, dance, science and computer classes. It’s great to see our children enjoy learning in so many different ways. Thanks SpringStone!”

The Sullivan Family


The ladies at Springstone have been my saving grace and who I trust who heartedly to take care of my 2 daughters. My oldest daughter is soon to be graduating daycare from Ms Alejandra and Ms Maddie’s class where she reached a positive peak in her behavioral development, excelled in her education, and has grown her motor skills which has confidently led her to be ready for Kindergarten - all due to the appreciation and praise of the staff at Springstone and working together with myself to give the best we can to my daughters. My youngest who just turned 2 moved up from Ms Georgina & Ms Hannah’s class. From the time she was in Ms Georgina’s class, she grew and learned so much from bilingual communication to understanding and showing manners, sign language, gentle hands, & more. She also adapted to routine & structure which I thank my girls teachers for. At Springstone, it feels like family and home that is about open communication, understanding and kindness. There is no others I trust more to keep my daughters safe and loved than the ladies here. Thank you for all that you do for my children & special thanks to my girls teachers who go above and beyond for my girls everyday!

We don’t have all the right words to say how exceptional Springstone is, nor are there enough words to say how PERFECT Ms. Georgina is. Our daughter came home daily learning new things. Ms Georgina would communicate with us daily to let us know Maddys progress, strengths and weaknesses. She would make sure our daughter turned a weakness to a strengths. We almost left springstone, but Ms Georgina is the reason we stayed! She makes sure her students and parents are happy and satisfied!

My son went to the Paradise location from 2-5. We loved it. The school was very clean and organized. The teachers treated my son like he was their own. The administration was very attentive and accommodating. The entire staff was amazing. I highly recommend.

This daycare is thee best in Albuquerque. I say this whole heartedly. We have been to a few within the city and this school has surpassed my expectations. They truly care for my children as their own! I was so worried about bringing my children here as other centers were not as caring. The springstone family has put me at ez. One of my kiddos has a speech impediment and my other has high functioning ASD. They do not treat them any differently and always like family. They are always willing to answer my questions and concerns. Thank you all for all you do for myself and my kiddos. We would be lost without you all ♥️

There is not enough ways to say I LOVE this school. I had my 1st child enrolled in this school 17 years ago and I enjoyed it so much that when I had my next two children it was the only place I wanted my children enrolled. From the front desk ladies who greet us with warm friendly energy each morning to the wonderful and knowledgeable Ms. Ashely who takes exceptional care of my daughters day to day activities and learning that brings my daughter so much joy. I'm most appreciative and grateful to the two most helpful ,patient, knowledgeable nutritionist that prepares my daughters meals. My daughter has sever food allergies and it was my main concern for her at school .It gives me peace of mind to know they prepare her food separate from the scheduled meal plan to ensure her safety but with a balance nutritious meal in mind . They take the time to go over the weeks meal plan to make substitutions based on her dietary needs. I love theses ladies for the extra lengths they go to to ensure her safety and health. Thank you so much ladies, you are the Best!!!!

I have two girls attending Springstone and it has been an amazing experience as a Mother. The staff is kind, supportive, attentive and helpful. My girls have learned a lot from the Montessori model and it teaches them to learn to problem solve on their own. My girls love going to Springstone and they tell me they love their teachers and class!

I'm happy with SpringStone and how well kept and maintained the school is. My favorite part is the learning the curriculum and how friendly the staff is and knowing I can go to them with any questions I may have. Overall my experience has been great.

We just loved having our son in Mrs. Georgina’s class! She was great with communication when it came to issues or adjustments our son needed. Not only that, but we noticed a willingness to learn and a huge development in education. Even with our little one no longer in her class, we have seen the impact she has made on him. We can’t thank her enough for everything she did. Overall, the staff has been friendly at this school and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead in transitioning to an older class!

Best school by far that iv had my son Kai in! He loves all his teachers and he’s always so happy when I pick him up. He’s learned so much already and he hasn’t been there long. Teachers are so nice and make you feel welcome! Thank you springstone for all you do!

 by Megan Palaviccini on SpringStone Montessori Preschool - Carmel

Springstone on Carmel has done a fantastic job caring for children during a particularly challenging time (pandemic). My kids are happy, healthy and well cared for. Erica Hall and Modesta Shepard do a fantastic job communicating with families, especially in the uncertain times we have had the last 2 years. My girls enjoy going to school, all of the teachers know their names and say hello in the hallways. After spending some time with my oldest in a school that had profound safety issues and communication issues, Springstone certainly raises the bar. I am grateful to have them to take care of my kids!

My son loved the location the staff was amazing he was excited to start and continue to go to school. He learned so much and he was ahead by the time he started kindergarten!

Springstone Montessori is awesome! My child has learned so much over the years. Administration is great! The teachers are all amazing!

 by The Alderete Family on SpringStone Montessori Preschool - Grande

We absolutely love Ms Georgina! She is kind and loving and really helped our son in continuing to grow and develop. Being that it was his first time attending school, she really assisted him in transitioning into a school setting and made me also feel comfortable. We truly appreciate you Ms Georgina and everything you did for our precious baby!

This place has really been great for Lucas. He has
Thrived at Springstone, and they have really helped us
as parents to foster his intellectual curiosity and
development. It's clear he is loved at Springstone,
and we couldn't be happier with the staff, especially Ms.
Georgina and Ms. Marissa, who have clearly taken a
real interest in helping him grow and be the best he can
be in this world.

The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is that I think
the policy towards holidays and other closed days (such
as parent-teacher conference days, which seem way
short for the awesome small classes to justify a day
closed) are very liberal, and it results in a lot of strain
for us, anyway,, to try to find adequate substitute care for
minor holidays that we don't have work off for, or
just closed days that aren't holidays. As far as what
Lucas gets from there, though, 5 stars, and that's what is
most important to me.

 by Selina Gonzalez-Hernandez on SpringStone Montessori Preschool - Grande

Everywhere we go, we get complimented on how smart and advanced our son is, with his speech. People are always in awe that a 1 year old, now 2, loves art, and puzzles and knows sign language. His teacher Mrs. Georgina has been so wonderful with our baby. She has taken very good care of him, since he was 1, and has taught him so much. We are going to miss her classroom so much!!! I highly recommend her and the school.

I cannot day enough good things about this spring stone location. My older son was here from 2-4yr and then went somewhere else for kindergarten and now I have my 1yr old here. I drive all the way from central and sunset we’re I live and work just to take him somewhere we’re I know he will be taken care of. I have had a lot of problems with daycares in the past and this is the only place that has made me feel like my concerns are important. The director Mary is so kind and a great momma herself. If you want to bring your kids somewhere where you will feel comfortable going to work and leaving people you love this is your best bet in Albuquerque.

All the teachers and staff are so loving and personable. They make my sons and I feel like family in their care. I am so beyond grateful to be a part of this beautiful group and blessed that my children love going here!

We recently decided to put our daughter at SpringStone & we absolutely love it! the teachers are amazing and the office staff is superb! ms angelica and ms madison are always willing to help with whatever i need. we are so exited to watch our daughter grow and learn in such a wonderful environment. we are so thankful for springstone & all of their staff!

I cant say enough about this place. My three year old daughter has been going here for a year now. The staff from the front, to the teachers, to the meal personnel are wonderful. Mari is the first teacher my daughter has the pleasure of seeing first thing in the morning and makes the transition of me leaving her a very easy and pleasant ordeal. My daughter loves all the teachers. Big Kudos to Mari, Jess, Kiara, Danielle, Stacia. I would highly recommend this place if you are inquiring on a great place for your children.

i just love springstone the teachers are amazing and all the staff is so awesome my grandson goes there and i couldn't ask for a better place clean. he has learned so much since he has been going there. I recommend this place to everyone with young children. My grandson loves it there and loves his teachers and all the staff.

Springstone has been a safe and happy place for my son. Ms. Sabrina and Ms. Kirstyn are a good team. The communication has been great since they teamed up. I love the pictures sent through parent post so I can see parts of my son's day. We appreciate their efforts to help our son grow socially and in his academic skills. I would like to see more professionalism at the front desk as they rarely acknowledge parents coming in, though this depends on the staff member behind the desk. In my experience of two years as a customer, this an area of needed improvement for the center.

My daughter has been at this location for over a year, I like that it is clean and I am confident that she is safe, which gives me peace of mind while I am at work all day. I think Ms. Annie and Ms. Mariah are taking good care of my daughter because she likes coming to daycare and does not complain when I drop her off. I also really like that they encourage her by letting her read whenever she wants to, even if it deviates form what the other children are doing, because reading is her favorite thing to do.

My daughter attends school at the Carmel location of Springstone, and I just want to say that her teachers Sabrina and Kirstin are awesome! You can see that the children are doing things by the awesome pictures included in the daily parent post. Thank you Springstone and Sabrina and Kirstin for making it a wonderful experience for my daughter on a daily basis.

Springstone has been wonderful, Ms. Karissa and Ms. Kiersten are such an amazing team and my kiddo loves her time there every week. It's such a gift to know she is in such good hands each day. Thank you, Karissa and Kiersten!

Springstone has been the perfect transition from daycare for our daughter. Her development in so many areas, especially language, has skyrocketed since attending. Specifically I would like to recognize her teacher, Ms. Rosie, for going above and beyond. I feel like she treats my daughter as one of her own. I get detailed updates everyday when I pick her up, as well as daily emails with further details about the day. She has been pivotal in the potty training process, and helps us with things to try at home. If you have a 2yr old, you must ask for Ms. Rosie!

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