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Why Do We Choose Montessori Education?

Teacher At Montessori School Reading To Children At Story Time
We understand that all of our families have a choice of education programs for their children, and this is a critical and important decision they make as a family.

One of the first questions that come up when we meet families is, ‘What separates us from a traditional education?’ When we have conversations with our existing and prospective families, this is a topic we want to discuss in detail. How do we make a difference in your child’s life and prepare them for their educational journey? How do we separate ourselves from other schools and the education offerings available to you?

The first response that comes to mind is that we take pride in preserving and nurturing the spirit of each individual child. We care to observe your child to find out what interests him/her, and from there, we build a solid foundation to allow each child to grow and develop at their own pace.

We look at the long educational journey ahead, and we truly care to make the first years of your child’s journey a memorable one, allowing them to experience and explore, to learn new skills, to advance in their cognitive, emotional, social, physical and intellectual stages of development.

We have several critical factors to our success in a Montessori learning environment, starting with the parent/teacher relationship, the prepared learning environment, and most of all, the observation of each child and the recognition of what makes each child unique, and the identification as to how each child learns best.

You, our families are an integral part of our success in the education of your child. Your involvement in your child’s educational journey, your support of our program and your feedback and suggestions allow us to continue to provide the educational experience for your children to set them up for a successful and happy life, as effective and compassionate contributors to the society they live in, and the world around them.

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