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Some Helpful Back to School Resources

Boy Going Back to School

New School Year, New Families, New Beginnings

As we are approaching the last several weeks of summer, it is the time to have our returning and new families get ready for your children to start a new school year — and we are determined to make this experience a joyful reunion for our returning families and an amazing new beginning for our new families to help your children integrate smoothly.

The Power of Three

By Carol Cherin. “In the education of the child, there are three important roles: the child, the parent, the teacher. Each role is unique, essential, and interrelated. Like the sides of an equilateral triangle, each role is a distinct and separate part, and yet, each connects directly with each other…* ” A concise and illuminating look at how to strengthen relationships through communication, realistic expectations, and respect…

The Role of the Parent/Guardian Dr. Maria Montessori viewed the child as a member of the family, not as an isolated individual, and one whose most formative life experiences take place within the family. She recognized parents as a child’s first and most influential teacher. As a parent, you are a role model and teacher:

  • Know your child well and be a patient observer and careful listener
  • Place your confidence in your child
  • Provide simple, safe and consistent rules encouraging your child to take responsibility and to contribute to his/her home and family

The Role of the Parent and the School

Parent, teacher, child, and school relationships are very important in a student’s life. An alliance based on mutual respect and support will enhance all individuals’ understanding, knowledge, and insight and offer a cohesive, prepared learning environment.

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