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Harvest Parade 2019

Every year, we look forward to a special event in the fall, our Harvest Parade, an event that allows each of our friends to show off their unique costumes in time for Halloween.

It is an event where we invite our families to join their children in taking a journey through all the classrooms to share their beautiful outfits with all the other friends.

We love to celebrate the individuality of all our children, and this year was no different. It is beautiful to watch the pride the children feel when they can dress up in their favorite superhero, princess, scary monster or other unique outfit.

The smiles are priceless, the energy is infectious, the happiness is heart-warming, and the sharing of these special moments is truly memorable.

The Harvest Parade allows us to celebrate our children for their individuality, their spirit and their innocence and beauty, inside and out.

Our community of families who are always ready to participate, getting their children ready for their special moments, are what makes this event even more special.

Our Harvest Parade is truly a family event, both for our families and children, and for all of us, the SpringStone family!

We wish you a happy and safe Halloween!

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