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Continent Day 2018

What is Continent Day?

Continent Day is a special event we celebrate at the end of each school year.  You may wonder why we celebrate it at the end of each school year, and what the significance may be.  For us,  it represents the knowledge our students have acquired about their world through their studies from the beginning of the school year to the end of the school year.

We start the school year familiarizing the children with the names and locations of our 7 continents.  The next 7 months are spent studying each continent in detail.  We end our studies during the last month of each school year learning all about our country, state and city.

What do we do during Continent Day?

We take great pride in transforming each of our Toddler (Twos) and Preschool rooms into a unique continent.  In addition to the 7 continents, we also include The Islands.  We invite all our children and families to take a journey through all the continents with us.  While visiting each continent, our children enjoy unique activities and crafts.

When our journey is complete, we invite our families to enjoy a potluck lunch featuring diverse cultural dishes with their children and their SpringStone Team.

Please enjoy the photo collage of our Trails Continent Day 2018 below.

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