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SpringStone Lakes Montessori School in Las Vegas Nevada is now enrolling from ages 24 months through 3rd grade. Springstone Lakes is located one block west of Durango and one block south of Sahara on Lake Sahara Dr.

  • Safe, Clean, and Secure Environment
  • Low Student / Teacher Ratios
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks Included in Tuition
  • Before and After Care Provided at No Charge
  • State Licensed Full Day Kindergarten and Lower Elementary

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I believe our family needed to experience other facilities first in order to truly experience and appreciate SpringStone. We feel extremely blessed to have found such a wonderful group of teachers and staff. My son loves his teachers, he tells me every morning “Mommy, I go to school today.” If my son wants to go to school 7 days a week SpringStone must be doing something right. SpringStone is amazing, period! Thank you everyone, we are so glad we found you!
Randi Lee and David Beyl
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Our daughter started attending Springstone when she was 2 years and 6 months. We were blessed to be received by Miss Rosemary and Miss Adriana. They were absolutely wonderful with us. They love children and made the Home care to School care transition very smooth.

Now she is 4, she has been moved to the Toddlers class. She absolutely loves Miss Norma and Miss Stacie. They are outstanding teachers, with lots of experience and really nice with the kids. My daughter looks forward to go to school every day.

I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.

Our son started at this location in March 2014. He has been in daycare since he was almost a year, so he was familiar with what was expected in a school environment to a point. However, the daycares he had previously attended were home daycares and were not so structured. In looking for a school to send him to in Las Vegas, we quickly ruled out home daycares. Many of them seemed to be child storage with no real effort towards learning. We also ruled out the larger daycares which seemed to have too many children and too few teachers. This school really seemed to strike the perfect teacher/student balance.

Previous to signing up here, our family had just moved from California. Our son's whole world had just been turned upside down. We left everything he had been familiar with and he was not taking it well. When we first moved, he stayed home with me for the first three weeks - and he was miserable! He was having massive tantrums that lasted an hour at least every day if not more often. We were genuinely beginning to worry that he might have a behavioral disorder. I felt utterly helpless and frightened. My husband, having started a new job, could not help much. It became clear that he could not stay home with me and we needed to find the right environment for him. Our son is a big boy. Tall and strong...and stubborn...really really stubborn. Really. Stubborn. it was obvious that we needed to focus all of his boundless energy in a positive direction.

After looking into the Montessori method, on paper, it seemed perfect. The focus was on teaching each child in the way that best suits the child. I loved the concept and after touring the campus and meeting Miss Jenilee, I felt confident that the school was the right one for our family. It was honestly the best decision I have ever made.

Our son started in the Pond Room with Miss Rosemary and Miss Adrianna. I cannot say enough good things about these two. They are lovely human beings who take obvious joy and care about what they do. Apart from their awesome demeanor, they were able to focus my son and allow him to find joy in his work. After two weeks, he was unrecognizable. Drop-offs were painless and pick-ups delightful. Thanks to his teacher's open communication with me and my husband and our commitment to consistency at home, our son's tantrums all but disappeared after the first month and when he did have them, we were able to keep them to a much shorter duration. Just before his 3rd birthday we started potty training. Again, with the help of his teachers, we were able to get Oliver fully potty trained within a few weeks. Shortly after his 3rd birthday, because he was potty trained, it was time to move into a pre-school classroom. I will not deny that this made me very nervous. However, my concerns were quickly put to rest.

Our son moved into the River room with Miss Norma and Miss Stacey. I was nervous at first because Miss Norma definitely demands more structure. Initially, I confused that structure with severity. That is not the case. After the first week, it became clear that Miss Norma is incomparably good at what she does. Where Oliver's attitude and energy had improved in his previous classroom, in this new classroom, his language and understanding really blossomed. Suddenly he is reciting the alphabet and recognizing numbers and colors. The excitement he expressed in the car when we passed a GREEN CAR! or a the LETTER 'C' in CVS was contagious. We could not help getting excited with him as he began identifying things in the world with things he learned in the classroom. Both Miss Norma and Miss Stacey have given Oliver a true gift in giving him the joy of learning.

Lastly, I do not want to leave out the front desk and office staff. Miss Jennilee and Miss Lori are excellent at what they do. They are tactful, thoughtful, attentive and kind. On the very few occasions when I had to deal with them about concerns I had, they always made me feel that my concern was legitimate and would be taken seriously. i would recommend this school to anyone. Whether your child is outgoing or shy, the teachers and staff here will find the best way to bring out the best in your child.

We moved to LV from India....My daughter started schooling here once we moved here. I am very happy that we have chosen this school. She loves to go to school everyday. Ms. Karine teaches very well and our daughter has improved her socializing skills very much. All the staff in the school are very friendly and so I recommend Springstone to all.

My daughter Siera started preschool recently at Springstone and loves it! The teachers and staff are amazing. I was concerned about her never being in a structured social setting with her peers before but she is fitting right in and has made lots of friends. I love the curriculum and how they do things in groups and let the kids work on projects independently. My daughter is so excited to go to school and can't wait to tell me about her day. Springstone was definitely the right choice!!

My 2yr old daughter has progressed far more than I expected after attending SpringStone Lakes for just a few months. Ms. Rosemary and Ms. Adriana are excellent teachers. My daughter absolutely adores them! I would highly recommend this school to any parent looking for an exceptional pre-school for their children.

My 2 year old son loves his new school and teachers. In the past 3 months, our son has learned so much and is now potty trained. We love Ms. Rosemary and Ms. Adriana. The school is very clean and organized. I would reccommend Montessori to any family who wants a great learning environment for their children.

We have 2 boys (a toddler and a kindergartener) at Springstone, and started at the Trails location before the Lakes opened. The experience has been amazing at both locations: full of loving, caring, positive people, fun activities and wonderful memories. It is everything we dreamed for our children and more! The Montessori philosophy has been a fantastic discovery for us, we are truly watching our kids bloom! The classroom sizes are perfect, there is a nice sense of community where teachers and children all know each other, the beautiful materials & the method keep the little ones interested, and the discipline methods encourage emotional intelligence. It is truly a gem, a happy little place where our little ones love to go everyday!.

We choose Springstone for its diverse curriculum. Each day our kindergarten in engaged not only with education, but a variety of activities from art, music to yoga. He is excited every day to go to school, see his teachers and his friends. At the end of the day, he can’t wait to show us what he’s done in school. Just this morning, he explained the process of elimination to me – I am in awe at all that he has learned. Springstone is truly giving him a strong foundation in education and character.

by Priya and Tushar Rasal on SpringStone Montessori Preschool - Lakes

My 3 yr old daughter started going to Springstone since 3weeks from now. This is our first experience with Montessori and looking forward for positive results. My husband and me was surprised to see that our daughter was comfortable within a week. Being from different country with totally different environment and foreign language all the staff at Springstone made us feel very comfortable and homely. My daughter is very excited to go to school daily. She only goes for half day but still within few weeks we can notice differences in her behaviour, she has became independent to some extent. We look forward towards SpringStone as a second home for my kid. For sure I recommend Springstone.
All the Best.

by Tyesha Nalls-Perkins on SpringStone Montessori Preschool - Lakes

My 2 year old son goes here and he is doing awesome! He was going to a traditional day care previously I can tell a major difference in his vocabulary. The staff is awesome especially with potty training and the transition period. Yes I would recommend this school to anyone!

Our 20 month old son has absolutely thrived since we enrolled him at SpringStone Lakes Montessori School. His focus, patience and verbal skills have shown remarkable improvement since he began several months ago. He is just as happy and content when we drop him off as when we pick him up each day. The weekly themed activities, (ie: book week, animal week, community worker week) make it even more fun for the kids and parents alike. SpringStone is clean, well staffed with educated and caring personnel and it provides a safe environment for our son. I do not believe there is a better choice for early childhood education than SpringStone Montessori School.

This is our four year old daughter's first experience in a Montessori setting. We absolutely love it! Everyone has been so warm and kind. They have not only helped her to feel comfortable, but empowered her to be independent and excited to learn.

Our daughter has been with Springstone for a year and 3 months and is in Ms. Karine's class now at the Lakes. We didn't know anything about Montessori when we first toured looking for daycare/preschool but now I am a huge believer in the philosophy and can see how much more independent our daughter is than other kids her age. The new Lakes location is beautiful and feels like a real learning environment, and the teachers and staff are attentive and professional. The menu includes breakfast, lunch and snack and is the healthiest preschool menu in Summerlin!

The teachers and staff at SpringStone Lakes Montessori are the BEST! The Montessori Curriculum has been a positive addition to our son’s early education. My husband and I are absolutely impressed by the progress of our son’s vocabulary and demeanor since he has been enrolled at this school. Every day he talks about his teachers and friends and he is so anxious to show off all the work that they do in class. The teachers do a great job communicating the day’s events, my son’s strengths, and they also provide great recommendations on how to improve our son’s experience at school (they have been ANGELS with helping us with potty training!) The school itself is beautiful - everything is brand new, clean, and well maintained. The meals provided are balanced and “yummy” (according to my son). I have nothing bad to say about this school. We highly recommend it to anyone!

Naturally we were very nervous about leaving our 2 year old for the first time....Ann, Jennielee, and Miss Rosemary were absolutely wonderful about alleviating our concerns and made us feel very comfortable about leaving our baby there. Our daughter is in her second month there and now looks forward to going to school. She is learning so juch and each day we pick her up she learns something new. We love love pove this school! (also shouldn't go unmentioned, but this is a very very clean school).

My 2yr old daughter goes to springstone at the Lakes and she loves it there. She runs to the door every morning and is excited to go to school. The staff is very friendly and they have been extremely helpful with potty training which is always appreciated. They take time with my daughter and teach her new things everyday. It's a very clean environment as well and I would recommend this school to anyone.