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SpringStone Montessori School in Las Vegas Nevada is now enrolling from ages 18 months through 5 years. Springstone is located one block west of Rainbow on Warm Springs, across from Nevada Trails Park.

  • Safe, Clean, and Secure Environment
  • Low Student / Teacher Ratios
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks Included in Tuition
  • Before and After Care Provided at No Charge

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I believe our family needed to experience other facilities first in order to truly experience and appreciate SpringStone. We feel extremely blessed to have found such a wonderful group of teachers and staff. My son loves his teachers, he tells me every morning “Mommy, I go to school today.” If my son wants to go to school 7 days a week SpringStone must be doing something right. SpringStone is amazing, period! Thank you everyone, we are so glad we found you!
Randi Lee and David Beyl
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This is the best preschool in all the valley! I've worked here side by side with Ms. Shannon in a classroom. We, together watched the most amazing children flourish! Good times, huh partner!? It was the most amazing experience! Lori, was always absolutely fair and generous with her staff. Spring stone, was always full of creativity and Montessori love. It is an honor to say I worked here at this 5 ?????????? Preschool. Much love and blessings to the best preschool in the Las Vegas Valley! (Big Shout out to, Miss Shannon who rocks day in and day out! ??.)

Our Lucy has been with the awesome Miss Amanda in room two. When Lucy turned two she started at Montessouri and to say she was displeased with the prospect of going to school would be an understatement. In fact, I had to go get her the first day because she would not stop crying. The next day we brought Lucy back and she was still very sad but Miss Amanda welcomed her back with kindness and open arms. Less than a week went by before Lucy was asking to go to school and see "Miss Amina". She has learned so much over her first year. She is still two, but can count to twenty (most of the time) can name her letters and colors, can tell me about hoppy kangaroos and can show me her yoga moves. Miss Amanda (and of course Miss Sam and Miss Sarah) have shown compassion and love to our Lucy and have taught her so much. We were happy to be sending Lucy to Montessouri, but have been truly blessed to have the opportunity to send her to a classroom where it is so obvious that she is understood and appreciated. Thank you room two teachers!

There are many positive things to say about Springstone Montessori room 5 and the staff. My child is happy and she loves to go to school. There is nothing more delightful than having a child who loves to learn and comes home to talk about it. Ms. Sherilyn and Ms. Uli encourage all the different personalities and adapts to support each child. As part of the Montessori curriculum, I understand the independent activities that focus on different areas. My child excels when she learns at her pace. Right now, one area my child is focusing on is how to read. Ms. Sherilyn, Ms. Uli, and I discussed how my child was having some difficulty. We worked through it together and they keep me informed of her progress. I am very satisfied with my child’s progress and the quality of education she receives.
Aside from my child’s happiness, I am happy with Springstone Montessori overall. The staff is friendly and attends to matters with a smile. They keep me informed through the parent communication board. They have an onsite kitchen to make fresh and healthy meals for the kids. Not microwaved food! With my busy schedule, it’s one less thing I have to worry about. The school building is safe and secure and in a good neighborhood, and I have to mention this… I am very pleased with the quality of families attending the school. In our class, we always have an abundance of parent participation.

by Terina Chinn and Reggie Maynigo on SpringStone Montessori Preschool - Montessouri

Our 4 year old son, Drake, started attending SpringStone Montessouri in October of last year. It was his first time being away from family and was initially a little hard for him to adjust. Thank goodness his teacher recognized his hesitation and helped him settle in each morning.

We are amazed with how much progress he has made in only 8 months while attending school only three times a week. He often relays information he has learned throughout the week from the various subjects he covers in class and we are impressed. He has so much pride in the work he does at school, and especially in the artwork he brings home.

He often tells us how much he loves both his teachers, Ms. Sherilyn and Ms. Uli, and how he loves going to school. He gets excited about upcoming activities and it makes us so happy that he's at a place that encourages him to grow. We love that he's able to work on activities at his own pace and choose work that he ultimately wants to do.

We appreciate how personable the teachers are. In the beginning, we were concerned with how Drake was adjusting and we had the chance to speak with his teacher on a regular basis. We were welcomed and encouraged to stop by and look at the monitors or call the teachers throughout the day. This was very reassuring to us. We also enjoy getting the weekly newsletter, along with additional updates and photos of classroom activities.

SpringStone Montessouri has been a great fit for our son and we plan on sending our daughter there in the future.

We asked Aden his thoughts of Springstone. As a 5-year-old who can articulately express himself, says a lot about his learning experience. Aden expressed how much he "enjoys the jobs" in his classroom. He mentioned to us how "Ms. Sherilyn, Ms. Uli, and Ms. Rachel taught me to read." He is excited as he moves up in reading level. Aden explains to us about the trinomial which increases his confidence with math. Furthermore, we have expressed to our friends and family about Sprinstone Montessori. This school is not just any Montessori school, but it is the right choice to place your child. The teachers and staff make a positive growing experience not only for your child but also for the parents.

Montessouri has been such a blessing to our family! Our son started at Montessouri at 18 months, I was a nervous first time mom searching for a preschool that made me feel safe and comfortable leaving my child. My husband and I toured several schools in Las Vegas and nothing compared to Montessouri. The staff is exceptional here and made us feel so comfortable and answered all my questions and were always quick to respond. His teachers are awesome, super friendly and caring. Our son has excelled beyond our expectations and comes home everyday telling me what he learned in school and everyday I'm surprised that at the age of 2 what he is learning and retaining. I cant speak highly enough of the staff the teachers are just so kind, friendly, and caring. My son loves to go to school and wakes up on Saturday asking if its a school day. We can't say enough how much we LOVE Montessouri and how thankful we are to have them in our lives!

5 classroom is very good. It is my childrem's class.

The best way to describe the way I feel about SpringStone Montessori is FAMILY. From the first day our son started they have always made all of us feel at home. He has been enrolled for the last 18 months and has learned so much and been exposed to so many new things. Every day he asks if he is going to school and is so excited to see his friends and teachers. I recommend Spring Stone Montessori to everyone I know!

I absolutely love Springstone! My son has attended this school since he was roughly 18 months old. Every teacher he has had has been absolutely phenomenal. They really take the time to work with your child and help them grow into a self sufficent person. When I pick up my son, sometimes he doesn't want to leave, which I know means he is having a blast. The things he has learned there are just wonderful. It's such a great school to attend. Your child will LOVE it there!

Our son was at another pre-school which was decent but we have seen a huge difference in him now that he's been going to SpringStone Montessori. We couldn't be more pleased with the school staff, the teachers, the school itself and of course the curriculum. Everyone is friendly and involved in each student. It is a very clean, safe and nurturing environment. And those are the ingredients needed (in addition to an organized and progressive curriculum) for a young child to succeed and thrive in.

Thanks to all of you at SpringStone!

Our son has enjoyed every day here. He sings the songs at home, teaches us what he learns at school and is excited to bring home his work and show it off on the fridge. We looked at quite a few options for a pre-k/preschool experience and SpringStone stood out far from the rest. The classrooms are inviting, the teachers involved and professional and the support staff helpful and friendly. We are loving the experience and feel great knowing our son is there each day.

Me and my husband feel very confident leaving our 2 year old at school everyday and that is a huge plus in our book. Knowing he is safe, learning, and playing. We love the staff and friendly environment. It's small and unique learning setting offers a lot of cool things for the kids. I highly recommend Spring Stone.

They had us at Hello! From the moment we walked in to tour the facility, we knew this was the place we would be entrusting our children's care and early education. All of the staff goes above and beyond to comfort and care for the children. There is constantly new artwork on the walls, new educational songs being sang, and more letters and numbers being recognized by our children. It's also great to be at a place that e-mails us constantly to let us know all the latest and greatest going on at the school and our kids classrooms.

We had no idea what to expect, but we are extremely happy with our initial experience with the staff and the teachers. The anxiety and worry that comes with leaving your child at school no longer exists. After the first day we could tell our daughter had a great experience and was looking forward to her second day of school. Thank you so much!

Can't begin to describe how happy me and my wife are that we enrolled our 4 year old daughter here at Springstone! She has only been here for three weeks but we can already see a huge difference in her development. The staff here is absolutely fantastic and they take a genuine sense of responsibility to each child. I wasn't too familiar witht he whole Montersoori prgram but they went to great lengths to explain it to me and my wife and I couldn't agree with it more! Great choice!!!

We couldn't be happier with the decision we made to enroll our son at Springstone. Immediately after attending we started seeing a difference over his previous school. His self confidence and independance skyrocketed and his knowledge level grew rapidly. He loves his teachers, has made many new friends and he always amazes me with the new things that he is learning at school. One of the best decisions we've made concerning the wellfare of our son.

I love all the personal, the attention they give to my boy, since the first day they called us by our name, to my that is so important because it make me feel welcome in that school. The classroom is always clean, and I love the activities they offer for the kids, and also the space outside of the classroom so they can explore and learn more....I totally recommend it to new parents.

I have two children attending Montessori and we absolutely love it! Both of our children are having so much fun learning interactively that they don't even realize they are learning. They love going to school every day and we are so pleased with their progress!! I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who wants a well rounded environment for their children to grow and learn in.

We started our son here at 18 months and have blown away by the school. He comes home everyday with a new skill or song. We are also so impressed with the kindness of the entire staff. It is so nice to have a place for him go during the day where is not just safe but also having a wonderful experience every single day.

by Michelle and Jason Weiler on SpringStone Montessori Preschool - Montessouri

We recently moved to Las Vegas from the Seattle area, where our daughter was already attending a Montessori school. We hoped to keep her with that curriculum, but the "sister" school that we transferred her to didn't offer that. After a few months, we knew we needed to get her back to the Montessori environment - and we found Springstone. THANK GOODNESS. Instead of running to the door, ready to go home, she wants to stay with her friends and teachers and continue learning. She loves her class and we, as parents, LOVE the peace of mind we have knowing she is in good hands. We appreciate the staff who treat us as family when we walk in rather than just a tuition check. Everyone knows us and makes us feel welcome every day. I can't wait for the upcoming family events to get to know other parents. This school is really an extension of our own family. I highly recommend Springstone (and HAVE) to anyone with young ones looking for a great start to their children's academic growth.

Our child loves her school, teachers, and friends. Great learning opportunities and lots of genuine support. Nothing negative to say.

Great School for my girl. She's been attending since she was only a year and a half. They have small class sizes and caring stuff really do give it the "family" atmosphere that it advertises. My girl is still very close to all of her teachers as she started kindergarten now. When I speak to other parents talking about other schools and how their kids do, I found my girl was way ahead. I am extremely grateful to have found such a great place for my girl and will for sure be bringing my twin boys as well. 😉 Another high point of this school is the wonderful relationship it maintains with the parents.
To every parent out there, if you choose to bring your child to this facility you won't be disappointed.

This school is outstanding! My daughter ( now 4) has been attending for the last 2 years. We chose this school because she is very gifted and every other school we looked at had such a slow curriculum that only allowed the children to move along at the same speed. Springstone allows kids of all levels to accelerate at their own pace be it fast or slow. We look forward to putting or youngest one in when she is old enough as well!

I can't say enough good things about SpringStone. We have a 3yr old that has been enrolled for the last year. When we first started to visit preschools in the area we would leave the visits upset and not confident we would ever find a school for our child. When we walked into SpringStone we immediately felt the warmth, friendliness and confidence. The staff, teachers and Director are always smiling and inviting. If you have any concerns, we have found the Director and Teachers to be very attentive in their assistance to speak with us and find a solution. Our child enjoys school, his teachers and excited to talk about what he learned each day.

We love SpringStone!! Our son has been attending SpringStone since he was three years old. I truly believe the Montessori learning method at SpringStone has strengthened his independence. Immediately from when he started at SpringStone he would come home and want to do everything without help, pour his own juice, cleanup his coloring area, etc. He went from scribbling to bringing home really great (for his age) drawings and paintings. He is always so happy to talk about the extra fun stuff they do, such as yoga and karate. The entire staff is friendly and helpful, especially Ms. Shannon and Ms. Gina at the front office. They make a point to engage with the kids every chance they get, which makes the kids feel important. Only good things to say about this school!!

Absolutely wonderful! I would recommend this school to every and any parent thinking about education for their children. We looked at a few schools and when comparing Springstone, there was NO comparison. Just go take a tour!! I was so hesitant to send my son off, but I knew he was getting so bored with our normal day to day activities and needed more stimulation. I cant say enough good things about this school. One big thing for me is every time we have entered this school, there is NOT ONE unhappy kid! No crying, no whining or complaining, the kids are enjoying themselves, while being educated and learning life skills. The whole staff is incredibly friendly and makes us feel welcome, and knows all our family members names 🙂 My son LOVES to go and is sad when it is not a school day. He is communicating better, making friends, having fun, learning grace and to clean up after himself! They provide nutritious meals and so many fun activities and extra perks for the kids. I could go on and on, but if you are looking at putting your child in some form of program your time here will not be wasted! We are THRILLED to be at this school!!