Unique Qualities

What makes SpringStone unique from other schools?

  • SpringStone Montessori Schools are constructed with children in mind. Child size furnishings and equipment are part of the learning environment. Playgrounds are safe and well equipped for large motor development.
  • SpringStone facilities are architecturally pleasing, designed to fit nicely into the community. SpringStone centers are strategically located in residential areas and large corporate areas.
  • Parents are invited to participate in the classrooms, observe their children via  monitors (each classroom is equipped with surveillance cameras), and the center has an open door policy, eliminating the need for planned appointments.
  • SpringStone opens it’s doors to the community by encouraging community helpers to visit and speak to the children. Older children and parents take field trips into the community to provide community awareness of resources available.
  • Meals are well planned, nutritious and prepared in a modern commercial kitchen.
  • Caring staff enjoy children and understand how young children learn and grow. Staff members are friendly and considerate of each child. The childcare staff are professionals who continue their early childhood training through in-service and education.
  • The staff help children feel good about themselves, their activities, and other children. Staff are gentle, consistent and flexible to the needs of each child.
  • The child/staff ratios provide enough staff to foster each child’s educational, physical, personal, and social development while nurturing all children in a well-planned program. Ratios meet the guidelines set out by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), which is lower than those required by state guidelines.
  • Staff meet regularly to plan and evaluate the daily program of activities to meet the individual needs of the children.
  • Staff observe and record each child’s progress and development on a daily basis.
  • The learning environment encourages growth and development of each child. We utilize both planned and child initiated activities, as well as group and individual instruction.
  • Self help skills such as dressing, toileting, washing, eating and resting are addressed each day.
  • Equipment is carefully selected and is age appropriate for each child. There is an ample supply of learning equipment to foster mental and physical development and creativity. Age appropriate activities encourage literacy; most children are well on their way to reading when they enter Kindergarten. Science is encouraged through experiments and a large free standing fish aquarium for all children to enjoy.
  • Music, movement, gymnastics, and dancing abound. We have certified teachers that teach music and art. Other extra-curricular programs include gymnastics, dance, and Spanish lessons. Each school differs slightly in the extra-curricular activities provided.
  • Children talk freely with each other and with adults. Adults are available to provide positive feedback in describing feelings, new words, descriptions and introduction to new levels of literacy and language.
  • Staff are adequately trained in first aid and CPR. Staff are fingerprinted, screened and references provided for the safety of all children.
  • Emergencies are minimized through emergency procedures, fire drills, smoke detectors, and doors leading directly outdoors from each classroom.
  • At SpringStone, we realize a quality early childhood program can greatly enhance the early, formative years. Experiences during these crucial years will last a lifetime. Parents who select SpringStone have greater peace of mind and confidence when they leave their children in those early years. SpringStone is different because of the ongoing support the parents, children, and teaching staff receive. At SpringStone, children have access to the finest early learning program available.